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Has Apple just bought Or has the owner just redirected it there? Answer – the latter.

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Interesting, when you go to right now it redirects to – but it seems that the original owner does that instead of Apple.

It is actually quite funny, if you check waybackmachine you will find that was registered in 1999 on an off-chance by some domain investor. The wording actually rocks in retrospect:

OK, so I might have just spent good money on a name that’ll mean nothing, ‘cos XML might take over, but it’s worth the gamble.

In the meantime, if you are either interested in contributing to this site, or have bigger/better(?) plans for this domain, contact

Seeing that the site was defaced in 2005 I guess the owner just redirects to the first result in Google once HTML5 got mainstream :)

I don’t think Apple would use Godaddy and have a gmail as their admin contact, right?

Hat tip for co-sleuth work to Mathias Bynens and Paul Rouget.

TTMMHTM: Wii, Star Trek office, Han Solo PI, Microsoft fix!

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

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Don’t use window.sun or function sun() in Firefox – lest you want to start Java!

Friday, February 27th, 2009

I just came across a mind-boggling “ghost in the machine” style problem in Firefox: if you use window.sun or function sun() in JavaScript you effectively start the Java VM. As explained in this article on doctype

There are a few “magic” properties on Mozilla’s DOMWindow interface for supporting LiveConnect that will initialize the Java plugin and all the baggage that comes with it (which, with modern Java plugins, means launching java.exe as a subprocess). Looking up these properties on the window object is all it takes.

Other properties to avoid are:

  • java
  • Packages
  • netscape
  • sun
  • JavaClass
  • JavaArray
  • JavaMember

So if you want to make sure that the performance of your webapp doesn’t go down the tubes makes sure you avoid any of these.

Scrabblr – A scrabble calculation/validation API

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

As it is Friday and I am jetlagged I declare “pointless API Friday” and give you Scrabblr.

Scrabblr allows you to send a word to it and it returns the scrabble value or an error in case the word has too many instances of a character than there are tiles available. Output formats are either a simple string (no format defined), XML or JSON. For JSON you also can have a callback parameter to use the API in script nodes.


So what is the deal with the new gmail crashing my Firefox (or stalling it)

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

I am a big fan of gmail (and a lot of colleagues scowl at me for it). With the massive amount of emails I get daily and me working on 3 computers there is just no other way to get around them.

Until the latest update of gmail though. Now my two laptops (both Windows) get stuck and I have to shoot down Firefox 5 times a day to be able to work. Sorry Google, but what happened? I turned off Firebug as you asked me to and yet it messes up. I also tried switching to the “older interface” but my setting does not get stored (yes, cookies are enabled).

I also tried to turn off sounds of the chat inside gmail but yet it keeps crashing. Don’t make me change because of superfluous bells and whistles, I have too many good contacts in your system.