Christian Heilmann

Podcast recording: Development tools in the expert’s eye with Chris Heilmann

January 18th, 2022

Yesterday I was a guest on the JavaScript Master Podcast by Dariusz Kalbarczyk and we talked a bit more than an hour about my job as a Developer Tools PM, what annoys me the most about the toolintg situation and how the community can help. You can listen to the podcast on or Spotify […]

Turning a GitHub page into a Progressive Web App

January 13th, 2022

I just released my dice simulator app and in doing so learned about a few things about turning a GitHub Page into a PWA. To make this easier for subsequent projects, I put together a bare-bones template to turn any GitHub page into a PWA. Nothing in there is sophisticated and all it does is […]

Offline? No dice!

January 11th, 2022

A few days ago I was on vacation in a place that had terrible mobile connectivity and whilst it provided WiFi, nothing worked. I even brought my own cables and travel router, but to no avail. This was not only a good opportunity for some “digital detox”, but it also showed me once again that […]

The web starts on page four

December 20th, 2021

After 25 years of working for, on and with the web, I am looking at the current state of it and I don’t like it. There is still a lot of beautiful, creative and amazing work out there, but on the whole, we lost an amazing opportunity. In its place we have a consumption machine […]

Let’s not send developers to the accessibility tree tool

November 18th, 2021

Testing for accessibility is an incredibly important part of your development process. Products that don’t block out users because of easy to avoid issues have more success. And the longer you wait with fixing accessibility problems, the harder it gets. That’s why it is annoying when it is hard to find out about accessibility problems. […]