Christian Heilmann

The sum of all knowledge

August 29th, 2022

Last week my mother died. After we put her urn into the ground next to my father’s we went back to their flat to talk about next steps and dividing up their belongings amongst us three children. One thing I immediately called dibs on were my father’s two books. Both were printed in 1955 and […]

Using browser developer tools as an image browser

August 9th, 2022

Sometimes you come across web sites that have a lot of images scattered all over the page and you don’t care much about the content, but only want the images. You can use the browser developer tools as a media browser. Load the page you want to get the images from (here is a demo […]

Cheat codes for the web – Browser developer tools for non-developers

August 8th, 2022

Every browser these days comes with built-in developer tools that help people create, test and fix products for the web. You can right-click any website and select `Inspect` to get to them, press `F12` or `CMD + Shift + I on Mac` or `Ctrl + Shift + I` on Windows/Linux. These tools are for developers, […]

Rethinking Device Emulation in browsers

July 20th, 2022

Device Emulation in developer tools is great, but it doesn’t deliver to all users of it and could be much better. Please help us improve it. When developer tools of browsers came out with Device Emulation and reponsive design tooling , everything changed. As a developer, you didn’t need to resize the browser window any […]