Christian Heilmann

Back to basics: adding a playback speed control to an audio player

December 28th, 2020

Currently I am publishing the new Developer Advocacy Handbook chapter by chapter and I also started recording audio versions of each chapter. A common request of people is to be able to control the speed of a audio/video recording. Luckily enough, using basic HTML5 and JavaScript, this is not that hard to achieve, so let’s […]

Quick Tip: How to capture and replace newlines in liquid for Jekyll/GitHub Pages

December 17th, 2020

As part of the re-write of The Developer Advocacy Handbook I needed to have blockquotes with different classes. With GitHub Pages markdown you can do that using the > notation: > Fact: There are no bad students or a bad audience—only bad workshops and talks. Your mood, dedication and enthusiasm do become those […]

Update to the Developer Evangelism/Advocacy handbook almost complete

December 15th, 2020

Eleven years ago I wrote the Developer Evangelism Handbook .Last month I was approached by a publisher who is interested to print it in another language. Whilst flattered, I also couldn’t let that happen as there are parts of the book that are quaintly outdated now. Some of the products I promote aren’t available any […]