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How to stop event delegation(obvious fact #12132)

Monday, June 9th, 2008

This was a question I got in the office today and there is no shame in asking it:

I am using Event Delegation on one of my products and I need to stop the main handler on the body from firing when I click a certain button. How do I do that?

The answer is of course to use stopPropagation() or cancelBubble(), both nicely wrapped in YAHOO.util.Event.stopPropagation():



var t = YAHOO.util.Event.getTarget(e);

It was the ’ + t + ’ that was clicked


that was the first button


that was the second button

function snitch(msg){
document.getElementById(‘littlesnitch’).innerHTML += msg;


Try it out here: Overriding Event Delegation with stopPropagation

Walkies and Talkies – My schedule for the next few months

Friday, January 18th, 2008
  • March 18th, Roosevelt Hotel NYC, US, AjaxWorld – talking about Building large web applications with the YUI
  • March 21st – March22nd, Montreal, Quebec – Nurun workshop on Accessibility
  • April 3rd, Scotland, Highland Fling, Scotland – Sharing the joy – building badges for distribution
  • April 25th (one day shy of my birthday), London, AbilityNet’s “Accessibility 2.0: a million flowers bloom” – right and wrong implementation of accessibility

Planned talks (need confirmation)

  • Ajax Experience 2008 – sent in “the human factor in web applications” and “YUI for control freaks” as proposals
  • Tech conference about the future of web development in Beijing

Past talks

  • February 12th, London Trocadero Beers and innovation #13 – A panel that chats about the changes of relationships between developers and designers (costs £25 though, didn’t know that)
  • February 20th, somewhere in Leeds GeekUptalking about the YUI

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