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TTMMHTM: live, CrisisCamp, Pixel stuff and Windows 95 explained!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Things that made me happy this morning:

  • The release yesterday was a great event. UK House Prices got applauded, I sat next to Tim Berners-Lee and I managed to pester people from the government to have me come around and showcase YQL!
  • Gource is a very sexy visualisation of Git commits, forks and so on.
  • This Saturday Yahoo will host CrisisCamp Haiti
  • Metal Slug sprites is a collection of all the sprites in all their pixely goodness. Me having spent a lot of time pixeling stuff (notice the browser support info – this is how old this is), I am impressed.
  • Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry show us how Windows 95 works.”Look Matthew I’m computing!”
  • Want to buy a jumbo jet? Comes with slight water damage – yes, this is the Hudson River one.
  • Tickery shows you which other people two people on Twitter follow.