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My roadblock of one – now also blogging for Ajaxian and Yahoo Developer Network

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Today was a great day: I finally got my Macbook Pro to work with, got myself one of those fancy new slick keyboards and went for it answering a lot of emails. It is amazing how many more emails you can answer when you don’t have to wait for virus scans in the background and Outlook to get a move on.

Not only did I get some good leeway on what I am going to do this year (amongst other things a trip to Beijing to talk to developers about best practices and going back to Germany to talk to Flash developers), I also finally got some other answers I have been waiting for.

To cut it short, I am now not only sneakily blogging for the Yahoo Developer Network blog but was asked to contribute more often. What is even more surprising (considering my history of snide comments there) is that I am now also blogging on Ajaxian.

So if you have some good JavaScript/Ajax or general web development stuff that needs coverage, please drop me a line. I am available here (either via comment or email), on twitter or pownce.

I love the idea of being able to reach a lot of readers and developers through very successful and large channels and it shows me once again how powerful the web is as a media. When I worked as a radio journalist, this wouldn’t have been possible as everything I did had to be connected to my employer exclusively :)