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All the tools you need to get ready for “talk like a pirate” day

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Avast! Saturday is the annual talk like a pirate day and my colleague Tom Croucher has done a tremendous job to create a YQL solution for translation of English to Pirate

In essence he used YQL to store a translation data set and allows us to alter it using the update and storage parts of YQL. He has come up with a few great things to use for talk like a pirate day:

A script to include into any page that will automatically convert it to pirate speak:


A bookmarklet to translate any web site: piratize (drag it to your links toolbar).

An open YQL table to add to the pirate dictionary.

Using this, I built the following interfaces:

Have a great talk like a pirate day! Sadly enough I’ll be Aarrr-ing down from a plane as I am flying back to the UK on that date.