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TTMMHTM: Wallace and Gromit details, CSS scrubbing, accessibility stuff and UX London

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Things that made me happy this morning:

  • Wallace and Gromit’s “A matter of loaf and death” (for the Brits available on iPlayer for others on bittorrent) – I just love the amount of detail the people at Aardman put into their work. Check for example that the cardoor claims “dough to door delivery” and “flour to the people” , the car license plate is “doh nut5” , Piella’s shoes are real Poochi’s and there’s a TankTopMan shop: . All the details are listed on Wikipedia. If you have that much fun with your work, you’ve done something right!
  • Braille is 200 years old – let’s celebrate accessibility
  • The Videos of Scripting Enabled are ready and uploaded – I am now putting together video pages with the transcriptions and all
  • A backup strategy full of win
  • CSS Super Scrub a tool that analyzes CSS and removes redundant selectors
  • Uncoverr is a pretty cool site uncovering all the other media around a certain book – interviews, videos and such. Doesn’t find me though, maybe it is time for another book.
  • Wulffmorgenthaler showing the first ever Bimbo
  • I didn’t make the list of sexiest geeks what’s with that?
  • Guidedogs are just the start The NYT reports about helper monkeys, miniature horses and parrots!
  • Ticket sales for UX London have started. The new event by the dconstruct team.