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Web Directions South Roadshow 20th – 24th of April – speaker discount

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

This April I will go down under to be part of the Web Directions South Roadshow. On Tuesday the 21st I’ll be in Melbourne and Thursday the 23rd in Sidney to give a one day workshop on Pragmatic, accessible JavaScript in a web services world.

JavaScript is an amazing amount of different things to different people. There was a time when it was a plaything to make web sites shiny and interesting. Nowadays you would be hard pressed to think of any web product that does not use it. Using JavaScript is easy. Making it mesh with other technologies like the backend, CSS and HTML less so. We’re moving further and further away from a world where you’ll be asked to code something from scratch. Instead we’re using frameworks and APIs, and consuming web services.
In this workshop we’ll start from an everyday situation – a rather messed up old web product. We’ll clean it up to make it accessible for everyone, easy to maintain and hand over to third parties, and always up-to-date by piggy-backing on web services like Yahoo’s YQL and Pipes, and social systems like Twitter, Flickr and Delicious. You’ll walk away with a new enthusiasm for Javascript, but also armed with a whole collection of rock solid techniques that will let you save your company time and money by doing the job right the first time.

I am very much looking forward to this, not only because I’ve never been in Australia but also because of meeting John from Web Directions in Denver two days ago and getting infected by his enthusiasm on the subject.

If the normal pricing of the workshop is too much I got good news: by using the discount code is WD-CH the price for the workshop back to *$499*.

Hope to see you there!