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Practical Progressive Enhancement – my talk at the Future of Web Apps London 2010

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I just got back from the Future of Web Apps in London where I was asked to fill in a talk quickly. The topic I picked was progressive enhancement and HTML5 as a re-boot of web development as we know it. Here are the slides, the audio recording and the links mentioned in the deck for you to check out. I really think that the concept of rendering JS server-side with node and re-using the same widgets client-side is an amazing step forward in not blocking out users whilst maintaining a single code base.

The slides

The Slides are available on Slideshare:

Audio recording

You can find the audio recording on

Links mentioned in the talk

Building with JavaScript – write less by using the right tools

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Yesterday Framsia organized a meetup in Oslo, Norway with Molly Holzschlag, Paul Irish and me ramping up to the Frontend2010 conference. Molly talked about the open web and the open stack of technologies and Paul showed people the developer tools in Chrome.

My talk was about building web applications with JavaScript and how using progressive enhancement helps you build great things with very few lines of code. The slides are available on Slideshare:

As per usual, I also created a audio recording of the talk hosted on The Internet Archive:

I loved the evening – the location sponsored by Epinova had all the things we needed (including a copious amount of beer) and the audience (once warmed up) had some very good questions to answer. The talks were filmed and Framsia will release them soon.