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Easing the transition from IE6 to using newer browsers…

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Here’s an idea to help those people in your office move away from IE6 to realmore modern browsers.

  1. Install FireFox or Opera on their machine
  2. Remove the Internet Explorer icon
  3. Replace the Opera or Firefox icon with the appropriate following ones
  4. Tell them when there’s any confusion that “Microsoft updated their browser, it looks different now!”



Who’s with me?

Another amazingly useful web site:

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Sometimes you come across web services that are so amazingly useful, you wonder why nobody has done it before. One of those is Is my computer on? sent to me this morning by Tomas Caspers.

While the usefulness of the service is indisputable the lack of RSS feed or API is actually annoying (let’s not discuss the HTML quality of the site, I am sure this is because of performance reasons as it is the case with other big players). Likeminded web dwellers like Dion Almaer bemoaned the same fact which is why I’ve taken matters into my own hand and used YQL to turn this service into a JSON API:*’%2F%2Fcenter%2Ffont%2Ftext()’&format=json&callback=isiton

This version wraps the resulting data (in my case “yes”) in a JSON object and calls the isiton() method. You can try it out for yourself.

If you want to change this simply rename isiton at the end of the url to your function name of choice. If you use alert() as the function name you could even turn this into a useful bookmarklet.

Of course you should never forget to support the library followers if you have a system like that and Mattias Hising came quickly to the rescue and built the system as a jQuery plugin.