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Moving game data between two Android phones (Cut the rope, Temple Run)

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

I just got a new Galaxy Nexus at Google IO and installed all the apps I had on my old phone. The annoying thing, however, is that I would have to start from scratch again as the game data (which levels you completed, how many coins you got) isn’t stored in the Play store per device. To me, this is a real lack of functionality in Android and annoyed me. So here is a hack how to transfer both the game data of Cut The Rope and Temple run from one Android phone to another:

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Backup your old phone via USB to your harddrive, just create a folder and copy everything in there. In my case this was a ICS phone and you had to connect the phone, say yes to “turn off USB storage”, get the phone as a HD in OSX and go wild)
  2. Download Android Filetransfer and install it (on Windows, this is not needed)
  3. In Android File Transfer, create a folder called “Cut the Rope” and copy all the files from your hard drive backup there (remotesavefile and remotesavefile.experiments – if you also played Experiments)
  4. When you start Cut The Rope on the new phone, it will ask you to restore a previous state. Say yes.
  5. For Temple Run, go to Android/data in Filetransfer and create a folder called com.imangi.templerun
  6. In there, create a folder called files and copy both ALT_recordmanager.dat and recordmanager.dat from your hard drive into this folder
  7. Temple Run automatically detects the old state

This probably works for many other tools, too. Sadly not for Angry Birds – it seems.

Backing up delicious bookmarks

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

OK, it is not the end of the world yet, but a leaked screenshot of the latest Yahoo all-hands shows that delicious has no bright future in the company.

So in order to preserve the years of work I put into this web service of awesome I am backing up my data. There are a few simple ways:

You can then import and sync your bookmarks in your browser of choice or upload them to Google Docs.

As to the future? Who knows?