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2018 in events and trips

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019 at 4:33 pm

I just did a quick round-up of my events and trips in 2018, and despite me promising myself to do less, it tallies up to quite a bit. Here is my 2018, and I am not quite sure if I haven’t missed some bits and bobs:




  • MVP Summit – a Microsoft event for Most Valuable Partners/Programmers
  • PAX Day – a planning event with the team I was with back then
  • Techdays Finland – again a Microsoft centric event, but great fun.



  • Beyond Tellerand Duesseldorf – a must, every year
  • //build – Microsoft’s flagship event for developers
  • Influencer Day – this is an event we run right after build where we invite selected people to peek under the hood and have meetings with our development teams for candid conversations
  • We are Developers Vienna – as described in my blog post I gave a workshop, the opening keynote, acted as MC and took part in a panel about artificial intelligence and ethics


  • NDC Oslo – I love this event, great crowd and super speaker community
  • EnterJS Darmstadt – this is the first time I did that one, an enterprise-ish, German JavaScript conference. I got a lot of good leads from that one, giving the opening keynote and a talk I think :)


  • Video Shoots One Dev Question – these are a great format, where you get one question to ask in videos of tops 2 minute length, so that they can be put in tweets. I shot a series for Webhint and another for VSCode. I’ll do more of those.




  • Web Unleashed Toronto was my first time at an FITC event, and I will be back this year, they do a great job. My notes and resources are here .
  • Nuremberg Web Week was an odd one, as I was asked by people of the local government to present there. It was great as my family lives nearby, so I could bring my nephew.
  • DevFest Nantes – this was one of the biggest DevFests and interesting to present there. I got really good feedback for the keynote.
  • TDC Trondheim – I was there once before and very happy to come back. Again I did a lot of work and had a great time seeing some surprising talks


  • DevRel Summit Singapore was insightful, I wrote in great detail about my findings there
  • BTConf Berlin – I didn’t present, but helped with the warm-up
  • Halfstack London – good show, always, as I explained in my post
  • Codemotion Berlin – I was let down by Codemotion events in the past, but this one really worked, as I explained in the post here
  • DotJS Paris – I went to man the Microsoft booth there, but this year I shall be back to present :)


  • We are Developers AI Congress – I went back to Vienna to give the opening talk and MC the AI Congress for the two days. Some really great material there.
  • FHWS Wuerzburg – I went to the place I grew up to give a guest lecture at the university I would have gone to had I chosen to pursue a degree :)

All in all a nice, full year, and I managed to squeeze a few more podcasts, a book chapter and some articles in magazines, too. Don’t try this at home. It is exhausting, but I am happy that I have these opportunities to work with so many amazing people.

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