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Presenting about the P in PWA at Awwwards Berlin

Monday, February 12th, 2018 at 11:45 am

Last Friday I presented about Progressive Web Apps (PWA) at the awwwards conference in Berlin.

I was pretty lucky as @DasSurma also covered the same topic later in the evening with a more WordPress focused approach.

I am sorry that I couldn’t stay for the whole event, but we got booted out by security as my partner and me had brought our dog. We had asked upfront but there was a miscommunication between the organisers and the event staff. So we had to leave early.

The talk I gave was “Minding the P in PWA” and I covered the idea that we talk too much about the nuts and bolts of PWAs instead of seeing their benefits.

The slides are available at SlideShare

Taking the P out of PWA from Christian Heilmann

I am pretty sure that awwwards will soon release the video. Until then you can also watch the longer version of this talk at Skillsmatter which I gave last month at the London PWA Meetup.

The resources I covered:

  • What the web can do – a dashboard of extended features of the web like sensor access checking if your current browser supports it or not
  • Mozilla ServiceWorker Cookbook – recipes of different ways to use ServiceWorkers.
  • Google Workbox – an abstraction library to ease the work with the moving ServiceWorker spec
  • Google Lighthouse – an audit extension to the Chrome developer tools that lints and checks the quality of a PWA opened in the browser
  • PWA Builder – an open source project by Microsoft that allows you to pre-seed a manifest from an existing URL and create a ServiceWorker for you. You enter a URL, and you get a PWA and binary fallbacks for the PWA in the end.
  • Details on the support for ServiceWorkers and WebManifest in Apple Safari/Webkit – including some interesting facts about how Safari deals with defunct and old caches
  • PWA Stats – a resource by Cloud Four showcasing PWA success stories. This is great if you need to convince business owners to go the PWA route
  • PWA on Windows 10 – an in-depth article showing what Windows 10 offers to PWAs, including Service Worker support in Edge and web indexing of PWAs and automatic ingestion into the Windows store. There’s also a great tweet by @kirupa, showing “what a PWA would look like on Windows 10:

Again sorry for having to bail early, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have more PWA questions.

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