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TTMMHTM: Laid off people fighting back, India, Hacking and analyzing twitter’s security

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Things that made me happy this morning

  • not being too jetlagged (in India at the moment)
  • LaidOffCamp a barcamp for people in the IT business having been laid off lately helping each other – cool idea!
  • A new group discussing what server side JavaScript should have promises some good collaboration of clever people for consistent APIs. Kevin Dangoor has the inside scoop
  • Delivering a hacking 101 talk at the University in Delhi
  • Getting my flight to Atlanta, Georgia in March £1300 cheaper by flying one day later!
  • Calming down a very ticked off lady who accused me of publishing her protected Tweets via TweetEffect – I do not, they are only available to her and her friends. That is how Twitter rolls.