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TTMMHTM: Events, Latte Art, Full Frontal and Game developers vs. porn stars

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Things that made me happy this morning:

  • Getting upgraded to business class on my flight back from Hong Kong as BA didn’t have a vegetarian meal for me! Flatbed win with 8 hours straight sleep.
  • Celebrating my birthday with my friends and getting a giant duck: Giant Duck
  • PPK’s slides on JavaScript Events from his presentation at Yahoo
  • Splendid Cappucino Latte Art
  • Meeting colleagues from long long ago randomly in Australia and them blogging about your talk
  • A great presentation by filament group on Access oriented web design
  • Vimeo doing a very nice custom Flash effect for the Let it Shine ad.
  • Sand/Stone is an interesting idea, “a 6,000km-long wall of artificially solidified sandstone architecture that would span the Sahara Desert, east to west, offering a combination of refugee housing and a “green wall” against the future spread of the desert”
  • The Full Frontal conference is now live, come to Brighton in November to get your JavaScript fix.
  • A good comparison of Game Developers and Porn Stars