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The Hackday Toolbox – getting you started faster

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Just having spent a lot of time at the amazing open hack day in Bangalore, India I found that most of the questions about starting a hack using Yahoo technology revolved around a few issues:

  • How do I access data on the web/from web services?
  • How do I use YQL from JavaScript or PHP?
  • How do I display information I received from YQL with PHP or JavaScript?
  • How do I get the location of the user and how do I analyse content for geographical locations?
  • How do I access oAuth authenticated information of Yahoo?
  • How do I set up PHP and where can I see errors?

So, to avoid having to repeat myself again I put together The Hackday Toolbox which contains sample code that deals with all these issues.

The Hackday Toolbox

The hackday toolbox contains:

  • An introduction to installing and using PHP with MAMP/XAMPP and debugging it
  • YQLGeo for all your geo and location needs
  • Demos of querying YQL in JavaScript, YUI3 and PHP
  • Demos to display YQL data
  • Authenticated example to access the Yahoo Firehose
  • Rendering Yahoo Geoplanet data as a map

You can download the Hackday Toolbox on GitHub or try the examples.

The toolbox is BSD licensed, so if you want to add Java/Ruby/Python/Heskell/Pascal/Logo/Fortran/6502 Assembly code examples, please do so.

I put my hack in a box…

TTMMHTM – The Prisoner, saving trouts, turning trash into energy, oAuth client side and an awesome snow mobile

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Things that made me happy this morning: