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Look back at 2009 and resolutions for 2010

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Well it is the beginning of 2010 so time to talk about some resolutions.

  • As I am planning to get a lighter laptop to lug around my main resolution will go down from 1400×900 to 1280×800 – unless Apple will change that for the new 13”.
  • My place is a mess – the reason is that I am never here. So my resolution for this year is:

** De-clutter my flat

** Throw away (or bring to the charity shop or give to @pekingspring to sell at the Amnesty International boot sales) stuff I don’t need – and that is a lot. I have unpacked moving crates from my flat back in Germany (1999).

** Use my flat more (I lived here for 4 years and yet have to use the oven!)

** Work more from home

  • Check my financial situation and what is working for me – I have money and I have a few insurances and private pension plans but I got no clue what they are any more. Also, I have quite a few shares and I am totally oblivious to what they are worth and what I can do with them.
  • Write another book
  • Organize (or help organize) another small conference
  • Concentrate more on the topics of security and performance.
  • Do something awesome for my parents as they need to get out of the house and have trouble traveling.
  • Pick my battles instead of trying to change things that should have changed years ago but are hindered by complacency.
  • I will go to Iceland this year – I have always wanted to and in 10 years in England I never managed to.
  • I will also try to get to New Zealand and South Africa this year.

Interestingly enough 2009 was a very cool year for me and if I had had any resolutions last year these were the ones I was able to fulfill:

  • I spoke a lot at conferences and released a lot of articles, blog posts, code and tutorials.
  • I’ve reached out to audiences I hadn’t tapped beforehand (domainer conference, design agencies and museum brownbags…)
  • I’ve tech-edited a book and a few chapters and I was judge at some competiions – I like doing that a lot.
  • I’ve lost a lot of weight by going to the gym a lot – there’s even the outline of a 4-pack visible (yes I know there is something wrong with this).
  • I’ve been to Japan – something I always wanted to do (shame I was sick when I was there). I’ve also been to Australia which is something I always wanted to.

I think this is about it – I am back to bed now.