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Frontrow 2011 – the future of the web is your responsibility, too.

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Last week I was in Krakow, Poland to attend the Frontrow conference delivered a presentation on attitude towards new technology and inspiration in the tech community.

Frontrow was interesting as it was a mixture of Barcamp and conference. On each day you had a few talks, followed by lunch and 2 hours of “open sessions” with breakout rooms where people were asked to discuss hot topics and share their experiences. Think of it as longer Q&A after the presentations with a moderator.

As you can see in the conference schedule there was a lot to be learned and a lot of great speakers (local and a lot of UK folk) shared their info and ideas with the audience.

My presentation revolved around the issue of getting inspired at conferences and then frustrated when you can’t use what you learned in your job. A lot of that frustration is home made and what really is needed is having the stamina and drive to simply use and explain what you found out about to your company. Without people using what speakers talk about conferences become a stage play, and a bad one at that.

You can read the slides as a simple document available online or embedded below (cursor keys to navigate, press N to show and hide notes and cursor down to proceed on slides with bullet points):