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The new web development challenge – independent modules in larger frameworks

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

I just wrote a post on the YDN Developer blog how our work as web developers is very likely to change in the nearer future. I am not talking about the imminent coming of IE8 and its – thankfully – standard new rendering engine but about web architectural decisions I have witnessed in lots of talks with large corporations, big web sites and people that try to move their products into backend frameworks.

The new challenge is that the page as we know it will be very likely to die out soon and be replaced with a set of modules that can be customized for the user needs and by what we know of them or even opened up to third party developers. The success of the likes of facebook and the new MySpace developer framework are very likely to be just the start. A shame that the technologies and standards we use to develop clean and maintainable web products are not geared towards that kind of approach. Where is the cascade if everything should be self-contained?