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Like extending browsers? Mozilla Jetpack is looking for an Evangelist.

Friday, February 25th, 2011

I just got roped in by my colleagues here to tell you about another cool job opportunity at Mozilla:

Tech Evangelist – Jetpack

Jetpack is a Mozilla project whose mission is to make it easy to build Firefox add-ons using common web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

As Tech Evangelist for the Jetpack project, your job is to lead the effort to build a rich ecosystem of add-ons and APIs by telling the world about our awesome technology; mentoring project participants who interact with add-on and API developers; and channeling feedback from developers into the project planning process.

You see the big picture, and you get other people to see it too.

You make add-on development great!


  • develop, distribute, and conduct videos, blog posts, presentations, tweets, tutorials, example add-ons, and other informational and educational materials about project tools and technologies
  • lead Mozilla’s Add-on Ambassadors program and mentor project participants in technology evangelism principles and practices
  • assist the product manager in determining developer needs and setting project goals and priorities


  • at least five years experience in the software industry as a tech evangelist, community manager, product/project/program manager, technical lead, software engineer, or in another related position
  • exceptional written and verbal communications skills, including the ability to communicate with add-on developers, API developers, journalists, business types, and various other folks on their own terms and at their own level of technical knowledge and understanding
  • a strong desire to make add-on and API development great


  • a BS degree in computer science or a related field
  • experience evangelizing, managing, designing, or developing software products for developers, especially software development kits and API libraries
  • experience managing, designing, or developing modern web sites and applications
  • experience working in and with open source projects
  • experience working for non-profits or other kinds of mission-driven organizations

Is this you? Send your CV to Myk Melez.