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Make me a speaker

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Just by chance I stumbled over a really cool idea and wiki, namely Make me a speaker. The idea of the wiki is to help people find mentoring and opportunities to give some public speeches about web standards.

The wiki also allows you to share experiences, give tips and connect to other people with the same interest. As the idea is simply great, a lot of known speakers have already signed up to offer help and mentoring, including Molly E. Holzschlag, Jeremy Keith, Derek Featherstone, Andy Clarke and Dave Shea.

Hopefully this site will spawn a new breed of speakers and get some more people come out of the woodwork as I for one would like to see more people talk about their experiences.

The wiki was originally created by Meri Williams, who blogs at Geek | Manager.

Want to work for Yahoo! in Santa Clara?

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Again, a drive to find colleagues to work for the company that pays my rent and outrageous lifestyle:

If you are a web developer based in the Bay Area and you’d like to work for Yahoo! on one of our fastest growing and demanding products, have a go and contact me. We are looking for web developers with very solid knowledge in:

  • CSS
  • PHP
  • semantic HTML
  • DOM scripting

If you think you got what it takes, drop me an email or comment here (comments are moderated and don’t show up, so don’t worry about your data – don’t use any links) .

I am in Santa Clara / San Franciso this and next week, and will attend the Flickr birthday party on Saturday.

Automatically converting hCards with geo data to Google Maps with hcard2gmap

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

just something I’ve been playing around with for my upcoming book. The script reads all hCards in the document, checks if they have geo location and hides those. It then creates a new Google Map and sets markers with popups showing the rest of the address data when you click them.

Shameless online telemarketers

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

This just boggled my mind. Someone emailed me about, where I obviously don’t sell anything or care much about SEO:

  • Got an email with an obvious SEO tools url, let’s say
  • My answer: thanks, I make sure people learn you send out unsolicited emails.
  • Their answer: After taking a look at your website i thought the tool set would be something of interest. not tring to solicite, just tring to turn you on to somethingnew. (Ed: Not my typos)
  • My answer: I know SEO tricks, I work for Yahoo. Btw, your “contact us” link is not working but links to the same advertising home page – this made me wonder.
  • Their answer: is not my site, it is a program that we promote. I know there are THOUSANDS of businesses using Yahoo stores. Is there anyway to get OMGFABSEOWOW (Ed: this time really in uppercase) name to them and have the set recommended by Yahoo?

I guess being ruthless is part of “marketing”...

Oh and yeah, Post#400!

And now for some light entertainment

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

I earned myself some time out, so I trolled youtube for the worst music videos:

Armi & Danny: I wanna love you tender

A classic, nothing more to add.

Carl Lewis: Break it Up

Grace Jones really let herself go.

Hurra Torpedo: Total eclipse of the heart

Ok, I really want to see those guys live. This is so surreal it is great again.

Radiorama Aliens

You are sleeping with what producer again? Both of you?

Apache (Disco Version)

There is nothing worse, seriously. How much cocaine can you take to be able to stand recording this?

dennis madalone: america we stand as one

Cause nobody wants to be mad alone

Eddie Murphy: Party all the time

That was not much after the amazing Raw and Delirious. WTF?

Black Lace: Aga Doo

Push what?

Dimple Minds: Blau aufm Bau

A German punk classic. The whole video production cost was about £1k

Modern Talking: Cheri Cheri Lady

The blonde guy is Dieter “5 Töne (five different notes)” Bohlen – still one of the most successful pop producers ever!