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Tuesday, February 20th, 2007 at 12:13 am

I earned myself some time out, so I trolled youtube for the worst music videos:

Armi & Danny: I wanna love you tender

A classic, nothing more to add.

Carl Lewis: Break it Up

Grace Jones really let herself go.

Hurra Torpedo: Total eclipse of the heart

Ok, I really want to see those guys live. This is so surreal it is great again.

Radiorama Aliens

You are sleeping with what producer again? Both of you?

Apache (Disco Version)

There is nothing worse, seriously. How much cocaine can you take to be able to stand recording this?

dennis madalone: america we stand as one

Cause nobody wants to be mad alone

Eddie Murphy: Party all the time

That was not much after the amazing Raw and Delirious. WTF?

Black Lace: Aga Doo

Push what?

Dimple Minds: Blau aufm Bau

A German punk classic. The whole video production cost was about £1k

Modern Talking: Cheri Cheri Lady

The blonde guy is Dieter “5 Töne (five different notes)” Bohlen – still one of the most successful pop producers ever!

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