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Shameless online telemarketers

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007 at 12:34 am

This just boggled my mind. Someone emailed me about, where I obviously don’t sell anything or care much about SEO:

  • Got an email with an obvious SEO tools url, let’s say
  • My answer: thanks, I make sure people learn you send out unsolicited emails.
  • Their answer: After taking a look at your website i thought the tool set would be something of interest. not tring to solicite, just tring to turn you on to somethingnew. (Ed: Not my typos)
  • My answer: I know SEO tricks, I work for Yahoo. Btw, your “contact us” link is not working but links to the same advertising home page – this made me wonder.
  • Their answer: is not my site, it is a program that we promote. I know there are THOUSANDS of businesses using Yahoo stores. Is there anyway to get OMGFABSEOWOW (Ed: this time really in uppercase) name to them and have the set recommended by Yahoo?

I guess being ruthless is part of “marketing”...

Oh and yeah, Post#400!

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