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Easy Flickr – just the photos please

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Following the accessibility hack of YouTube I thought the same could be done for Flickr, and here it is:

Alternative interface to browser Flickr photos easier

Easy Flickr is a very basic interface to look for photos and click through them 20 at a time. It works with and without JavaScript.

Update: It seems there is some confusion as to how this interface works. The main photo is linked to (as per API guidelines) and you can navigate up to 20 results by clicking the lower thumbnail to go forward and the upper one to go backward in the results list. This also works with a keyboard and in JAWS but I need to make it more obvious with a hover state and some labels for screen readersand I added some roll-overs and texts for screen readers to make it more obvious..

If you want to host the interface yourself, you need a server with PHP and cURL, but that’s it. Simply unpack the zip file and change the look and feel by changing the style sheet.