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Webmaster Jam Session hack – quickly fixing a web site with YUI grids

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Last weekend I went to Atlanta, Georgia to speak at the Webmaster Jam Session or short WJS organized by Coffeecup software. I’ve written a detailed report on the event on the YDN blog and in short it was fantastic.

One of the things I did at the event is sit in on one of the Website Smackdown sessions, which are expert reviews of web sites people in the audience submitted. One of the sites was the following:

The original site

What shocked me about it was that it is fairly new, but still uses tables for layout. When I investigated I heard that the reason is simply lack of resources to build web sites in a different manner. This is sad, as nowadays we have resources to build upon readily available on the web that we couldn’t even dream of when I started developing. To prove the point that you can re-do a small info site like this one using semantic markup and CSS without even knowing much about it, I used the YUI grids and created the following in roughly 15 minutes:

YUI redesign site

You can download the web site demo files and play with them yourself.

I’d be happy to write more, in-depth articles about this kind of structure and redesign if there is interest. The only question I have about it is where to publish them? People that would benefit from these are not likely to read the blogs and magazines I write for. Is there a government web standards publication somewhere?