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Want to design a Gorillaz character? They need “The Evangelist”

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Bit off-topic here, but very cool indeed. I am a huge fan of Jamie Hewlett (ever since Tank Girl) and the Gorillaz together with IE9 are asking for people to design a character for the next videos:

The countdown begins; Gorillaz fans have two days to develop “The Evangelist” – a new character in Gorillaz world

Gorillaz fans only have two days remaining to design a new Gorillaz character, known simply as “The Evangelist”, for Gorillaz world. This is the last chance for budding artists who have until Sunday 28th November to submit their ideas to .

The winning submission will be redrawn by Gorillaz’ Jamie Hewlett, and the final creation will be revealed on 6th January 2011, on The winner will be credited on the competition page and will receive a Gorillaz “gift pack” including a signed, framed print of Jamie Hewlett’s final design of “The Evangelist”.

Now, I can’t paint for Toffee, but if I may give a piece of advice – most evangelists should have long, flowing, red, curly hair :)