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Brownbag presentations in London – want some info and Q&A for lunch?

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

July and August is a very slow time for me this year as there aren’t any conferences I am speaking at and no hack days planned. September will be packed again, though.

This is why I am right now planning to do some brown bag presentations in the London area. I’ve already been at IPC media, will go next Friday to ebay/gumtree/skype/paypal/ in Richmond and have had Sky and Thomson Group/TUI show some interest on twitter.

Brown bag presentations are by definition talks during lunch break where people can bring their food along. That way your employees can get some information or discuss their issues with an invited expert without disruption of your normal office hours and times.

I’d be happy to come around and give a talk on all the things I am passionate about. Currently these things are:

  • Opening your own and reaching data on the web easily with YQL
  • Mining your content and enhancing it with geographical information (Yahoo Placemaker)
  • Building specialist search engines (BOSS)
  • Accessibility and that it is not magic
  • Professional Web Development
  • Performance of web products and how to improve it

I am open to other topics, though.

If you are interested in some of that and you are in the Oyster card area, comment here or contact me on Twitter and we can talk date, location, topic and time. I don’t expect any pay, but normally a coffee, some water and a sandwich :). The whole idea of the exercise is to be able to reach developers that normally do not get the chance to go to conferences.