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Yet another rant on accessibility and usability

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

About 10 people told me on various channels about Tomasz Wegrzanowski’s blog post ‘Making me think about usability’ and what my opinion about it is. Instead of putting up a short and powerful response I actually took this opportunity to write about the reason for posts like this: Communication between accessibility and usability geeks and technical geeks is broken – and very much so.

In a long blog post over at Scripting Enabled entitled The biggest barrier to accessibility and inclusive design is us I vent some of the frustrations encountered in my years of standing in the cross-fire of the two groups. I’ve found these points:

  • Accessibility and inclusive design has one massive enemy: bad communication

** A problem of communication channels

** A problem with language – keeping it simple is not an option

** A problem of attention span. Err, what?

** A problem of adoption speed

** A problem of selling the issue

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