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Introduction to W3C widgets – my presentation at Brighton Barcamp 4

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

This saturday I went down to Brighton to attend the fourth Brighton Barcamp. As you are supposed to give a talk and PPK had stopped over on his way to the airport I thought the time right to give a talk about what I learnt about W3C widgets working with PPK and Vodafone the last few weeks:

  • Whilst W3C widgets are nothing groundbreakingly new, they allow you to use web technologies (CSS, HTML, JS) on lots and lots of mobile phones
  • The main idea about a widget is not what technology you use but how useful the end product is. My submission for the summer of widgets competition is neither a visual nor a technical masterpiece, but it still won a weekly prize because of its usefulness.
  • W3C Widgets are a great opportunity to bring our web development skillsets to a new market and break into a very closed environment
  • It is a lot of fun to build them, as you are not tethered by bad browser implementations and you can use clever things in your JavaScript

Check out the slidecast on SlideShare:

The audio quality is not the best mainly because of the location (in the basement) and Simon Willison delivering a very loud talk about 5 meters down the hall.

You can also get the audio recording – 17MB MP3 from