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Rob Bateman and his journey to resurrect Flash content on today’s web

Thursday, December 21st, 2023

Flash has been a boon to the web and the bane of my work as a web standards advocate. Now defunct, it is great that people work on converting old content. I’ve been talking to Rob Bateman about his work on converting Flash games to run on today’s web in an edition of Coffee With Developers.

I met Rob again at Halfstack in London and if you are interested in more details about the work he is doing, his “An Emulator’s journey” is also available on YouTube:

A santa themed CODE100 puzzle – Hitting the chimney

Tuesday, December 19th, 2023

Illustration of Santa facepalming because he failed to hit the chimney with his presents

I just finished another puzzle for the CODE100 competition and thought I make it Santa themed. Imagine Santa cocking things up by dropping his presents everywhere but inside the chimney. Can you find out which ones hit, which ones landed on the chimney and which ones dropped outside of it?

Ilustration showing points in the circle as grey, points outside the circle as black and points on the circle as green

You get points in a coordinate system that are the drop points of presents and you should sort them into different arrays: those that landed in the chimney, those that landed outside and those that landed on the chimney.

You get the a JSON dataset of a coordinate system with a certain height and with and a circle in its centre with a radius of 75 pixels that is 10 pixels wide.

The `droppoints` array contains the coordinates of the dropped presents, and your task is to sort them into different arrays. Copy all points that are inside the circle into the `innerPoints` array, all the ones outside the circle into the `outerPoints` array and all that landed on the chimney into the `onChimneyPoints` array. Store the size of each of the arrays in `inside`, `outside` and `chimnney` and return all of them as a JSON object.

For example, the original dataset is:

    "width": 300,
    "height": 300,
    "chimneyWidth": 10,
    "chimneyRadius": 75,
    "inside": 0,
    "outside": 0,
    "chimney": 0,
    "innerPoints": [],
    "outerPoints": [],
    "onChimneyPoints": [],
    "droppoints": [[127,37],[202,112],[113,84],] 

Your result should be something like:

    "inside": 30,
    "outside": 120,
    "chimney": 4,
    "innerPoints": [[157, 170],[169,170],[131,166],],
    "outerPoints": [[90,279], [16,247], [242,140],[72,209],],
    "onChimneyPoints": [[208,102] [208,102]],

I’m sad to report that with this dataset, `20` presents landed on the chimney.

Good luck! You can submit your solution in this Gist on GitHub. If you use JavaScript to solve the puzzle, here’s a CodePen that can get you started.