Christian Heilmann and displaying your words in an HTML document using YQL

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 at 12:34 am

Whilst I am still not quite sure why, I signed up for, a service where people can describe you in three words. My results range from expected over disturbing up to WTF, so that’s all good.

Now, has no API as far as I can see and in the admin section there is a nice list of 10 most used words. To work around that I thought I use YQL - the statement is pretty easy:

select * from html where
url=”” and
| unique(field=”strong”)
| sort(field=”yahoo:repeatcount”)
| reverse()

You can Try in console to see that it does what you ask it to – get the words, make them unique and sort them by frequency.

Add a dash of JavaScript and you have a list you can display in your pages:

display of the list of words

You can see the script in action here or you can also get the source on GitHub.

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