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TTMMHTM: Apptember, fonts to embed, time API, mobile frameworks and charity hacks

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 at 12:41 pm

Things that made me happy this morning:

  • There is a new cafe in my street: Maria e Munti - new cafe around my streetMaria e Munti - new cafe around my street
  • Font Squirrel has a repository of free fonts to embed via @font-face
  • Apptember is a one-month hackathon, no rules, no business model, no prices – just build some good stuff
  • Man builds house from Lego – now this is dedication.
  • Some very impressive photorealistic Star Wars Illustrations
  • Blockchalk has an API now and I am impressed with the ease of approach to keep it totally open
  • Both jQTouch and Pretty Mobile are frameworks to make mobile web development easier
  • Baseline is a typographical CSS framework
  • The Time API is a very clever semantic API that understands natural language to turn it into timestamps
  • Browser for the better is a Microsoft campaign that provides food for homeless people when you upgrade to IE8. Seems a bit stretched, but hey upgrade is good!
  • Charity Hack is a hackday by Paypal an Justgiving on 19-20th of September in London
  • Top Trumps 3D is an interesting concept of Top Trumps with 2D barcodes that turn into augmented reality games.

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