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Reaching those web folk – a talk about data distribution, APIs and social media at the NMM

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 at 8:20 am

Yesterday evening I was very happy indeed to go to the National Maritime Museum in London to talk to representatives of several Museums about data distribution, YQL and open tables.

The whole thing was initiated by Jim O’Donnell who had spent quite some time with YQL and NMM’s data.

In my talk Reaching those web folk [PDF, 6.2mb] I covered the switch from a web sites as end points to open data as an opportunity to reach many more users and turn any of your visitors from a receiver to a relay broadcasting your information to their friends, contacts and distribution channels you are not even aware of.

You can download the audio recording of the talk, too: Reaching those web folk [MP3, 76.6mb]

Also thanks to Mia Ridge for taking notes in case you want someone else’s view.

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