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In need of a new title

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Just like the Childlike Empress in the Never Ending Story I am right now without a proper name for my new role.

Yes, that is right, I slipped into a new role in my current job and boy is it something I wanted to do for years and years. However, the dilemma I am in is that the job is so versatile and multi-facetted that I have trouble coming up with a proper job title! This is where you come in. Can you think of a good job title that explains my following responsibilities?

Responsible for the following key areas related to Code Quality, Code Reuse, Talent Acquisition and Talent Development.

  • Internal training and code review in key technologies and development standards.
  • External evangelism and assessment of these technologies through the engagement of developer communities.
  • Supporting internal teams in identifying, assessing and hiring new talent.
  • Developing new tools that will support development standards to help us build better products faster.
  • Build and maintain front-end code libraries for reuse

Any ideas?