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Hours of fun with Google Code Search

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

As [link:, informs us] the new [link:,Google Code Search] already unearthed a lot of interesting things, like WordPress logins, a key generator for Winzip and even something [link:,totally unexpected] .

Update: [link:,Predius also analysed with the search how many f*cks per language and package are in use]. PHP a clear winner there.

WSG meetup about Microformats on 19th October in London

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Come to the Web Standards Group Microformats special on 19th of October at Westminster University’s New Cavendish Street Campus. (near Goodge Street tube station). It is free and there’ll be talk about Microformats and maybe beer afterwards. Sign up on if you want to go.

Speaking at the event will be Drew McLellan, Jeremy Keith and Mark Norman Francis. For more information on the event, and how to get to the venue please head on over to the WSG London mini-site.

Accessibility in Trouble

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Mike Davies, esteemed colleague and one of the silent web workers that do a lot more than they talk about vented some steam on a series of blog posts where he analyzes what is amiss in the world of web accessibility called [link:,Accessibility in Trouble]. It is a great read and I congratulate Mike on his pragmatism and daring to “say it like it is” about the subject.

He is right, far too many publications on accessibility are stuck in the end-90ies and don’t consider technical advances. Web standards movements have come a longer way opening up to the enemycompanies like Microsoft, and the same interest and helpful attitude should become more common in the web accessibility world. There is just no sense in banging on about arbitary guidelines when [link:,people have their own problems to tackle]. Understanding their problems and helping them with real world guidance will make it better in the end for all of us.

Also note that Mike uses “vociferously” which makes it an instant win for me. We need more [link:,usage of words starting with V] in general.

Interview Podcast on Web Axe

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

[link:,Dennis Lembree] and [link:,Ross Johnson] interviewed me yesterday for the latest [link:,Webaxe] podcast.

I’ve talked a lot about my past, JavaScript, where I get inspiration, how I experienced distributed development, what I think of innerHTML and noscript, how I came to write a book, what writing a book means and lots more. The interview was done via Skype so I do sound a bit muffled, but it was much fun.

There I was talking about not believing in the “web celebrity thing” and now I plug my own interviews…

Anyways, [link:,Check out the Podcast (MP3 – 9MB) ] thanks to Dennis and Ross for grilling me.

Silly Browser Trick: V for Firefox

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

A colleague just found this by chance: If you type “v” in the browser location on firefox and hit enter you’ll end up on the V for Vendetta homepage. Incidently I just bought the DVD and loved the movie to bits. But how does it work? (more…)