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Webconf Hungary – HTML5 Beyond the Hype: Let’s make it work

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

I am on my way back to England from Budapest where I spent the last two days in an epic hotel and the day speaking at the 10th annual Webconf. I was invited by the Mozilla community in Hungary, who did a great job showing off Firefox OS to the attendees. My presentation (one of the very few in English) was about HTML5 and how Firefox OS helps making some of its promises a reality.

The slides are available on Slideshare:

Hungarian Web Conference: HTML5 beyond the hype – let's make it work! from Christian Heilmann

And as always there is a screencast on YouTube.

The talk was filmed, and the video should be released soon. All in all Webconf was a cozy one day conference with a lot of very interested attendees. As most content was in Hungarian – a language that seems base64 encoded to me – I didn’t get much, but it seemed the overall quality was very high.

├średev2013 – Firefox OS – the platform HTML5 deserves

Friday, November 8th, 2013

It is not very often that I mess up completely, but when I do, I don’t give up easily. On the second day of Øredev I was scheduled at 1 in the afternoon to talk about Firefox OS and I thought I totally got over my jetlag (I arrived 2 days before from San Francisco). I got back to the hotel around midnight to be up early, have breakfast, go to the gym and be ready bright and bushy-tailed for my presentation after lunch. Guess my horror when my hotel room phone rang and I was asked where I was as my talk started 5 minutes ago. My mobile phone alarm did not go off for some reason and I had overslept about 6 hours! This morning I learned that I can brush my hair and teeth at the same time and that I can be on stage and ready to present in 10 minutes after getting up. I am terribly sorry and grateful for the audience waiting for 10 minutes and I still managed to power through the talk in 25 minutes. I am really looking forward to the video of this one as I almost lost my voice at the beginning. The audience reaction was great though, dedication does pay off :)

The slides are available on Slideshare

Øredev2013 – FirefoxOS – the platform HTML5 deserves from Christian Heilmann

The Screencast is available on YouTube.

├średev 2013 – The very near future of a richer, standards based web

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

I am currently at Øredev in Malmø, Sweden, and this morning I spoke about “The very near future of a richer, standards based web”.

Chris Heilmann, presenting
photo by Fredrik Frodlund

My talk covered new technologies people should be using to make them a reality rather than waiting for a perfect reality and full support across all browsers to happen magically. A screencast of the talk is available on YouTube.

One thing I mentioned in my talk is the great survey results by Visionmobile on Web competing with mobile. If you want to ensure more real data being covered in talks, please help them by taking part in their Q4 survey – it is 5 minutes of your time and you can even win some neat stuff.

Links covered:

I am speaking tomorrow about Firefox OS at the same conference.