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Indiana Jones maps with HTML5 and Google Maps

Thursday, December 16th, 2010 at 4:00 pm

I am right now in the US for my first week in Mozilla (back to back meetings and lots of discussions and interviews of awesome going on here) and when I got back to the hotel USA had all the Indiana Jones movies playing. Now, I always loved the travel sequences with the moving red line and map and the video of the plane on top (and its copy in Rocket Ranger on C64). As I had my trusty MBA on me I thought I give it a go to re-create the effect in HTML5 - and I did:

You can See the demo online and read the details on the Mozilla hacks blog: Syncing HTML5 video with Google Maps. The source is of course available on GitHub.

I was pretty amazed how easy it is to achieve the effect. Most of playing with HTML5 is simply letting yourself go and have a run for it rather than thinking of how hard it might be.

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