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@mediaAjax 2008 site is live

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 at 9:33 am

@mediaAjax Just like last year, Patrick Griffith managed to assemble quite an impressive group of JavaScript experts to talk about all things Ajax and Scripting. This year’s schedule reads very nicely indeed and I am happy to see that all aspects of using JS are covered, including a session by Richard Rutter of clearleft on how to wireframe Ajax interactions.

This is especially welcome to me, as JavaScript is so omnipresent in web development these days that we all need to know about it and bring in our different skills to make great products. JavaScript should not shock Information Architects and Designers, but help them make things easier for the end users.

This also ties in nicely with my session which is, not to anyone’s surprise on using JavaScript to increase the accessibility of products, named Scripting Enabled, the same as the event I am organizing revolving around the same topic:

Scripting Enabled

The relationship of JavaScript and accessibility has never been a good one. A lot of myths circulating around the use and capabilities of assistive technology branded JavaScript as a bad technology and Ajax as a total faux pas. This is changing as a lot of companies now open their systems to developers with APIs that are Ajax and JavaScript driven. This session will explain how some of these can be used to make data available to users with disabilities that were blocked out before. Accessibility is first and foremost about removing barriers for users, regardless of ability. Using JavaScript and Ajax to work around accessibility issues of rich media applications is one way of doing that. It is like creating mash-ups to test out some APIs – only that the benefit is much higher than just proving a point.

I am looking forward to @mediaAjax, having had a great time there last year. I might be a bit knackered though, as I will be at the Fronteers conference in Amsterdam just a few days before :)

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