Christian Heilmann

Easy SlideShare (my hack entry for mashed08)

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008 at 4:03 pm

I am just sitting at Mashed 08 and just released my hack for the event – an easier interface to SlideShare.

Easy SlideShare

SlideShare is a great place to publish your presentations on the web. Uploaded Powerpoints and PDFs get converted to Flash movies you can embed in your blogs and web sites.

SlideShare also automatically creates a transcript of the presentation in HTML format, which is quite cool, but hidden far down the page and hard to reach in a screen reader. Easy SlideShare retrieves this information and shows it in an easier accessible manner.

As with EasyFlickr and Easy YouTube all you need to do to show a SlideShare presentation in Easy SlideShare is to add the URL at the end of the Easy SlideShare URL:

You can try it out with my mashed08 presentation

Easy SlideShare is Open Source, licensed with BSD, and you can download it here:


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