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The Art and Science of JavaScript arrived

Thursday, January 24th, 2008 at 1:16 am

My chapter in The Art and Science of JavaScript

My latest contribution to the ink-on-dead-tree media is a chapter for Sitepoint’s new book
The Art and Science of JavaScript. I’ve been giving details about the history and the contents of the book in detail in a blog post on the Yahoo Developer Blog and while it has been out for a while I just got my free copies today, hence the delay.

My chapter in detail covers how you can build a badge to display information you stored on another site in yours without having to resort to a server side solution or slow down your site. All the magic happens after the page has been loaded and if there is no JavaScript available, visitors will still see a link to the same online resource.

It is a detailed explanation of the rationale and script that feeds my plugin for wordpress shown below:

[delicious:My links about JavaScript,codepo8,10,javascript]

Whilst not the flashiest of the chapters I hope that people can learn something about APIs, REST and dynamic script node generation from it.

The art and science of JavaScript

I was personally very positively surprised by the quality of the book itself: the full colour print, typography and iconography are very nice. The only thing that is missing is an author name or short bio on the chapter start page, it is a bit tricky to know who did what. Well done Sitepoint!

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