Christian Heilmann

I was a guest on the inaugural DevRelShow and chatted about what DevRel is about, my new job at WeAreDevelopers and showed some cool tools

Friday, September 22nd, 2023 at 10:46 am

Yesterday evening my former colleague Fred Harper invited me to be his first guest on his new DevRelShow. For about 70 minutes we talked about all things Developer Relations, how to get started as a developer advocate and I showed some tools to make it easier for you.

I also covered how I wrote the Developer Advocacy Handbook and how it affected my career.

The tools I talked about were:

  • VideoTap which creates long-form data like blog posts and transcripts from videos as well as automated Tweets and short videos
  • Hemingway a text editor that tells you when your writing is too complex and offers AI generated alternatives
  • FFMPEG to batch convert videos to other formats on the command line

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