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The 10 tools I install on every new Mac I get

Thursday, September 14th, 2023 at 8:39 am

Picture of tools - a hammer and a spanner

I am currently on a company trip with my brand new MacBook and here are the things I always install first to get started:

  • Homebrew – makes installing of low level stuff a breeze (free)
  • Node/NPM – many things rely on it (free)
  • Dropbox – still be best way to store and share content amongst machines, both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive drive me nuts with their file permission nonsense (paid)
  • VLC – plays everything, has excellent keyboard shortcuts and can in a pinch even record screens for you (free)
  • VS Code – coders gotta edit (free)
  • GitHub Desktop – much, much easier than installing and setting up Git yourself (free)
  • ImageOptim – file resizing and optimising images, even on the command line (free)
  • FFMPEG – converts anything to anything on the command line (free)
  • Handbrake – batch conversion of videos made easy (free)
  • Screenflow – my go-to screen recording and video editing tool (paid)

Other essentials are a VPN (I use Mullvad and ProtonVPN), but that’s about it.

Photo by iMattSmart on Unsplash

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