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Interview with Goto Unscripted about the present and future of developer tools

Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 at 11:15 am

Chris Heilmann on stage with his hands in the air

Back in October 2022 I presented my work as a principal product manager of developer tools at GOTO Copenhagen and we also recorded a half hour interview. This is part of the GOTO unscripted series and Julian Wood talked to me about editors, debugging in context and what AI can do for developers. Here’s how they announced the video:

Are you tired of the traditional coding process of tedious debugging and manual coding? That’s where AI-powered IDEs come in. Christian Heilmann spoke to Julian Wood about why developers must break away from the traditional monolithic IDEs. He highlighted the importance of contextual tooling, where interfaces learn from user behavior and provide automated suggestions and simplified workflows. Hear this new #GOTOunscripted talk and learn to focus on writing rather than navigating complex environments.

You can watch the video on YouTube :

There is also a full transcript available at GOTOPedia .

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