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The Developer Advocacy Handbook is now available as an eBook on Leanpub and Amazon Kindle

Thursday, October 27th, 2022 at 2:45 pm

People often asked me if I can make the Developer Advocacy Handbook available as an eBook to read on their devices. When Jens Oliver Meiert also asked me I told him there were no immediate plans, so he took on that task and converted the book. You can now purchase the eBook either on Amazon Kindle or on Leanpub.

Book listing on Leanpub

As a reminder, here is what it is all about:

This handbook will get you on the way to be a great developer advocate for any product or company. Naturally, your approach may need tweaking for different markets and audiences—and in accordance with your own personality—but the main principles are the same for everybody and anywhere in the world. Developer Relations is a rather new market and there are many confusing messages out there what it means to do this job, In this book, the author documented 15 years of Developer Advocacy and how to deal with the demands of the job. Whether you are new to the job, or you feel unhappy in your current role, here you’ll learn how to get started the right way. For people on the job, it is a great way to remind yourself what’s important.

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