Christian Heilmann

What people think that web developers do vs. what we really do

Friday, May 27th, 2022 at 10:09 am

What people think web developers do:

Chart showing what people think web developers do

  • Code, deploy and use, with coding being the main task

What web developers really do:

Chart showing the real tasks

  • Coding
  • Require random 3rd party framework code
  • Updating Node/NPM
  • Try the last command again with `sudo`
  • Checking on mobile
  • Shaking fist towards Cupertino
  • Looking things up on the web
  • Pasting Stack Overflow solutions
  • Resize the browser/use emulation
  • Discover that a browser extension was the problem all along
  • Explain again that things can’t look the same everywhere
  • Add ARIA till everything is fine
  • Trace performance issues back to analytics/ad code
  • Convert content to usable formats
  • Adding/Removing console.log()
  • Invalidate caches
  • Using
  • Summon Imhotep using blood magic to help with a rendering bug

TL;DR: Learning to code isn’t the main skill you need as a developer

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