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Quick survey: help improve the simulation options of browser developer tools

Friday, March 25th, 2022 at 9:20 am

Please help us to improve the emulation features of browser developer tools by filling out a two questions survey.


We’re currently working on improving the findability of emulation features in the Microsoft Edge developer tools. Did you know that you can emulate different vision deficiences, dark and light schemes, forced colours and print layout amongst other things?

If you don’t, then the problem is that they are hard to find and hidden in the `Rendering` menu.

Emulation options in the rendering tool

To improve this, we are working on a new emulation bar inside the screencast of the Edge DevTools for Visual Studio Code as a testing ground to change it in the main browser.

We now need to know what you’d prefer to see:

CSS features emulation

A prioritised set of emulation features:

Option showing only a few

All options as a flat list:

Long list of emulations

A nested list:

Nested menus to choose CSS emulation feature

Vision deficiences

Furthermore, we’d like to know if you prefer the vision deficiencies emulation as part of this menu:

Vision deficiency emulation as part of the main menu

Or as a separate button/menu:

Vision deficiency as an own button

Please fill out this quick survey or comment here or on this GitHub issue

Thanks so much!

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