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Want to improve Developer Tools in Microsoft Edge? File an issue on Github

Wednesday, March 9th, 2022 at 8:31 pm

Today we released a new GitHub repository for the Developer Tools in Microsoft Edge where you can file issues about problems, bugs and feattures you would like to see. You can also view the list of existing issues and add your comments.

There’s an official blog post on the Microsoft Edge blog but here’s why I am excited about this.

  • When I joined Microsoft, I really wanted to keep everything I do open source and allow people to contribute. This is a big step to make the Developer Tools more open.
  • I spend about an hour a day triaging the feedback we get in Developer Tools via the feedback icon in the tools themselves. Of the ~400 items I get in my shift, about 5-10 are on topic. Others are about the browser all-up, or just about all kind of things people want to do on the web. This should focus it much better. We still keep the other feedback channels open, but I do like the idea to talk to developers first and foremost when it comes to Developer Tools.

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