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Podcast recording: Development tools in the expert’s eye with Chris Heilmann

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 at 2:10 pm

JS Master Podcast cover photo with Dariusz and me

Yesterday I was a guest on the JavaScript Master Podcast by Dariusz Kalbarczyk and we talked a bit more than an hour about my job as a Developer Tools PM, what annoys me the most about the toolintg situation and how the community can help. You can listen to the podcast on or Spotify .

The questions we covered were:

  • Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do?
  • The robots are coming and we need to make a great example for them. What do you mean by this text? How can we set a good example for them?
  • What computer did you start programming on?
  • What was your first computer program, were you proud of?
  • What has changed since you started programming in your perception of the world of technology?
  • Does software rule the world?
  • How many books have you written? What is the most exciting and what is the most difficult about writing a new book?
  • You work as anPrincipal Program Manager for Browser Tools at Microsoft. What is your working day like?
  • Why did you choose to take on developer tools as a new experience after being in DevRel for so long? By the way, what does being a DevRel mean to you?
  • What are the main problems you see with Developer Tools at the moment?
  • What are problems you face as a Developer Tools creator?
  • What can the community do to help you?
  • What are some things you are proud of having achieved in this role and how did you do it?
  • How big is your team? How is it structured?
  • What is going on in the development stack for the web that puzzle you?
  • You’ve been doing JavaScript for ages. Do you see patterns that keep coming up in the JavaScript community?
  • What is a term that people keep using that annoys you when it comes to coding and technology?
  • What is a finding you had in Developer Tools that might surprise people?
  • How do you measure the success of Developer Tools?
  • What is a feature you are really excited about that people should play with?
  • What do you think is needed to get us to become more effective as a community?
  • How can people learn more about what you do?
  • What do you think about TypeScript? Is there a chance that TS will completely replace JS in the coming years?
  • Do you remember the first edition of the JS Poland conference five years ago?
  • You will be performing at JS Poland soon, what have you prepared for the participants this time?

Non technical part:

  • What kind of person is Chris? How do you see yourself?
  • Do you have some hints for us regarding self-organization?
  • Do you have any favorite hobbies?
  • What about your work/live balance? Do you have some hints for us?
  • Thank you for providing a lot of valuable information during this recording. Finally, can you recommend any interesting podcast or book to our audience?

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